uF/ MFD: nF: pF/ MMFD : uF/ MFD: nF: pF/ MMFD: 1uF / MFD: 1000nF: 1000000pF(MMFD) 0.001uF / MFD: 1nF: 1000pF(MMFD) 0.82uF / MFD: 820nF: 820000pF (MMFD) 0.00082uF / MFD: 0.82nF: 820pF (MMFD) 0.8uF / MFD: 800nF: 800000pF (MMFD) 0.0008uF / MFD: 0.8nF: 800pF (MMFD) 0.7uF / MFD: 700nF: 700000pF (MMFD) 0.0007uF / MFD: 0.7nF: 700pF (MMFD) 0.68uF / MFD: 680nF: 680000pF (MMFD) 0.00068uF / MFD: 0.68nF


C0603NP0_S Series, 0603(0201), NP0, 0.2pF~100 pF, 16/25/50, Class I. new C0603X5R Series, 0603(0201), X5R, 1nF~2.2uF, 4/6.3/10/16/25/50, Class II.

0.010 uF 100pF. C. 5600pF. 1200pF. 470pF. 270pF. 180pF. L. 2200pF.

100pf to uf

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Farad ↔ Microfarad Conversion Table. 1 F =. 1000000 uF. 2 F =. 2000000 uF. 1.0e+01. This value is an approximation to the real value.


Keramisk kondensator 0603 100pF ±5% C0G (NPO) 50V Yageo Keramisk kondensator MLCC 0603 103 10nF 0.01uF ±10% X7R 50V Kemet 

Mylar. 333. 100pF. Ceramic.

Buy 100pF to 11.111µF Capacitance Decade Boxes. element14 offers special pricing, same day dispatch, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support.

CAP,CE,MONO,X7R,0.1UF,50V,K  0.001uf capacitor, 0.01uf capacitor, 0.01uf ceramic capacitor, 0.1 capacitor, 0.1 10kv 1000pf capacitor, 10kv 100pf capacitor, 10kv 101 capacitor, 10kv 102,  0.012UF 440VAC, 0.022UF 200V, 0.033UF 250V, 0.05UF 400VAC, 0.1UF 250V 102 6 kv,, 103 6 kv,, 1kv 101 kondensator,, 2kv 100pf kondensator,, 2kv 561,. Capacitance Range: 100pF ~ 470uF. ○ Capacitance Tolerance: Z. G. 680 nF. L. Z. G. G. Z. G. G. 1.0 uF.

100pf to uf

C29, 0.1uF, R25, 100. C30, 100pF, R26, 100. For example, 101 represents 100 pF: the digits 10 followed by one additional zero. If there are only two digits listed, the number is simply the capacitance in pF. 4 days ago Best 20PCS/50PCS WIAM FKP1 series 0.0001uF/1600V 0.1nf 100pf 101 new 15mm film capacitor FREE SHIPPING Click here:➽ [Promote  Simple Best choice for every a customers to get authentic goods.
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100pf to uf

laboratories Capacitor Box, Set of 11 (100pF to 0.47uF), 350VAC, 4mmSOCKETS [EM0940-001] - Capacitor Box: A set of 11x capacitors, without switches.

Converting back and forth between uF, nF and pF can be confusing with all those darn decimal points to worry about. Below is a uF - nF- pF conversion chart.
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1.0pF - 9.9pF; 10pF - 99pF; 100pF - 990pF; 1,000pF - 9,900pF. 10,000pF - 99,000pF; 0.001uF - 0.0099uF; 0.01uF - 0.099uF; 0.1uF - 0.99uF. 1.0uF - 9.9uF; 10uF 

C30, 100pF, R26, 100. For example, 101 represents 100 pF: the digits 10 followed by one additional zero.

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Capacitor uF - nF - pF Conversion Chart. Convert between uF, nF and pF using the Newark's uF - nF- pF conversion chart below.

A pF is one millionth of a uF. Electrolytic capacitors have tolerance of +/-20%.

Instant free online tool for picofarad to microfarad conversion or vice versa. The picofarad [pF] to microfarad [µF] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. Also, explore tools to convert picofarad or microfarad to other electrostatic capacitance units or learn more about electrostatic capacitance conversions.

Thus, you'll find that on microwave devices 100pF capacitors are also present as decoupling along with the bulk capacitors. Here's an example of three capacitors decoupling an FPGA: - The black curve is the composite impedance of all three capacitors used. Taken from here. Where did the value of 0.1uF for bypass capacitors come from?

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